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Re: Mac port work


On 21.07.2010, at 11:45, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:

> Ok, last time I checked it was quite a pain to compile. If you have some tips / instructions on how to get this stack to work I would be happy to add that to the website.

I just followed the instructions. Still painful.


But really the goal should be to bundle Gtk with Zim like most other projects.

> Hmm, didn't think of that. I think mac has a generic "open" command isn't it? If you add a desktop file for that to share/zim/applications it should work

That's what I intended, just thought I'd ask around first. Hard to believe Google doesn't find something like it.

> If you open a bug report for this I'll make sure it gets fixed.

I might try it myself. After all, empty XDG directories can occur on weird Linux distributions, too.