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Re: Where dangling links go


On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 6:07 PM, Tobias Weber <towb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> namespaces are a new concept for me. Is the following the intended behaviour?
> Home
> \Subpage
> 1. insert a dangling link [[Page]] on Subpage
> 2. at the top level, next to Home, use the context menu to create a new page named "Page"
> 3. now click the link we created on Subpage
> Result: below Home a new page is created. Now there are two with the same name in the notebook.
> What I expected: jump to the existing page.
> The manual says square brackets without : or + "link to page in the current namespace or parents".

The intended behavior is indeed to go to the page in the toplevel
namespace in this case. From testing I see two things that can make
this behavior depend on the order of operation (which in itself can be
considered a bug).

You will see that if you first create the page and then the link it
works as expected.

What goes wrong is that:
1) because you type [[page]] instead of using e.g. the insert link
dialog, the link is not indexed right away (you should see the page
show up in the treeview greyed and italic to show it doesn't have
content yet as soon as it is linked). This issue will be gone when we
enable auto-formatting for this kind of wiki syntax.

2) Once the link is indexed a "placeholder" exists for it (the grey
italic node) and it is linked instead of the top level page. Need to
improve the logic for placeholders to ensure that they are cleaned up
when they mask an existing page.

Probably both these items deserve a bug report (and I see you are
quite active already filing bugs in the tracker :) )



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