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Re: Where dangling links go


On 22.07.2010, at 18:33, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:

> You will see that if you first create the page and then the link it works as expected.

Then it's not a wiki though ;)

> 1) because you type [[page]] instead of using e.g. the insert link dialog,

I did use the dialog.

> Need to improve the logic for placeholders to ensure that they are cleaned up when they mask an existing page.

Let me get this straight: for every dangling link Zim is supposed to display a placeholder where a page would be created if it was clicked? Then we'd have to recalculate all placeholders every time a new page is created.

It might also be prudent to make the link resolver ignore placeholders. I'm not through with the index code, but it seems that they end up in the database, so without that users would have to rebuild their index to get the fix above.

> Probably both these items deserve a bug report

One covered?

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