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Zim version 0.48 released !


Dear all,

I just released version 0.48 of zim. This release has various updates
and bug fixes. The export dialog has been restructured and Latex
export has been improved. The "Quick Note" plugin now supports a
template and can append to existing pages. The web interface has been
fixed so it is actually open to remote hosts and supports images and
attachments. Finally all work has been merged to support the Maemo
platform. Translations are added for Catalan, Croatian and Slovak.

Thanks to all translators and contributors. And a special thanks to
"smu" for testing the latest revisions and catching some screw ups on
my side, and to Miguel Angel Alvarez for his persistence through many
revisions to get the Maemo support in.



Change log:
=== 0.48 - Thu 22 Jul 2010 ===
* Added support for sub- and superscript format - by Michael Mulqueen
* Updated the export dialog to an Assistant interface
* Renamed "Create Note" plugin to "Quick Note"
* Improved the "Quick Note" plugin to support appending to pages and
  support templates
* Fixed webserver to be available from remote hosts and to support files
  and attachments
* Merged support for Maemo platform with fixes for zim on a small screen
  - by Miguel Angel Alvarez
* Updated zim icon and artwork
* Several fixes for latex export - by Johannes Reinhardt
* Fixed inconsistency in formatting buttons for selections
* Fixed bug that prevented adding custom tools without icon
* Fixed bug with deleting directories on windows
* Added translations for Catalan, Croatian and Slovak

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