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Re: Where dangling links go


On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 8:43 PM, Tobias Weber <towb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 22.07.2010, at 18:33, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
>> You will see that if you first create the page and then the link it works as expected.
> Then it's not a wiki though ;)

I fully agree :S

>> Need to improve the logic for placeholders to ensure that they are cleaned up when they mask an existing page.
> Let me get this straight: for every dangling link Zim is supposed to display a placeholder where a
> page would be created if it was clicked? Then we'd have to recalculate all placeholders every
> time a new page is created.

Sure, but that is not as bad as it sounds since this only happens in
the sql database and doesn't need to access any pages.

> It might also be prudent to make the link resolver ignore placeholders. I'm not through with the
> index code, but it seems that they end up in the database, so without that users would have to
> rebuild their index to get the fix above.

Yes they need to be in the database since the index widget is a one on
one representation of the database structure.

Would need to implement the additional logic to clean up placeholders
when creating a page. Then we increase the db format version number,
so next time you start zim the database gets rebuild on the fly and
everything will stay in sync.