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Re: Using Zim within Dropbox or Ubuntu One


On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 10:55 AM, Ralph J.Mayer <rmayer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Another nice idea would be a plugin detecting file conflits of
>> Dropbox/Ubuntu One and allowing to deal with them. (Both just create a
>> supplementary file with a special name with the conflicted version)
> I use Dropbox by adding GIT as glue between the local directory and
> the directory managed by Dropbox.
> Why invent conflict resolution a second time, its already there.
> I guess Bazaar with its integration to Zim is also able to handle this.

This is a good solution when you resolve conflicts in the version
control manually. However this is not very convenient to wrap in a GUI
because the conflict markup can break formatting. So it is difficult
to show the conflict correctly.

If we have a scheme working with separate reject files I intend to
wrap the bazaar integration to turn conflicts into separate conflict
files and use the same GUI to resolve them.

So conflicts in version control and conflicts in zim structure are not
necessarily the same.



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