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Re: My small modifications of Zim


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Dne 10.9.2010 13:09, Jaap Karssenberg napsal(a):
> 2010/9/5 Jiří Janoušek <janousek.jiri@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> I have written to the wiki some information about my branch of Zim. It
>> contains small modifications for my personal purposes, but some ones
>> could be useful for others.
>> See http://zim-wiki.org/wiki/doku.php?id=development_planning
>> Jaap, if you would like to merge some modifications into trunk, I can
>> cherry-pick them into special branch for merging.
> Thanks sharing this code.
> The patch to use the per-user site install directory sounds like it
> should go into trunk.

Merge proposal sent.

> The export hacks you did might be useful for others as well, need to
> have a look at what they do exactly. Otherwise maybe we need to check
> if we can come up with a mechanism for plugins to extend the export
> functionality.

If plugins could provide new [% page.xxx %] attributes and would have
access to Dumper, Linker and IndexPage used by export function it will
be enough for rewriting my modifications to plugin.

> For the "highlight non-breaking space" option I'm not sure about it's
> usage. How do you insert a non-breaking space? If there are more
> people who want to use this we can always package it in a plugin of
> some kind. Btw. it occured to me that instead of highlighting maybe
> you want to show them permanently while typing -- maybe underline the
> space ?

I insert non-breaking space by Shift+Space. It works in every
application, because I have set it somewhere in GNOME keyboard layout
preferences. However Zim could provide its own key-binding to insert
u'\xa0' at cursor position, maybe integrated into "Insert symbol" feature.

If "highlight non-breaking space" is checked, non-breaking spaces are
shown permanently and It doesn't matter if you are typing or not. Newly
written non-breaking spaces are shown immediately. If "highlight
non-breaking space" is turned off, no spaces are shown, nor newly
written ones. The style (e.g. underline or light-gray background) could
be set in "style.conf".

Best wishes,

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