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newbie here: info request (for import)


 sorry if it's the wrong place to ask:

I just discovered this wiki and find it very promising for what I'd like to do - a simple way to manage my workplace.

My problem - and I'd like to know if Zim can solve it - is to take my workplace, i.e. my work directory structure, and in some way import into the wiki, in such a way that for each folder in my directory structure I would have a Zim node. I really cannot do it manually, since my folder structure is a child of many years of work, and the current output of: find /0ale/ -type d | wc gives me 11875 folders :-)

P.S. I just noticed that zim nodes are simple textfiles, so I tried inserting my info from the commandline, this way:

perl -we 'open(F,">> complex.txt");foreach(@ARGV){print(F "[[file://$_|$_]]\n")};close(F)' `find /0ale/excursions/digital/complex/ontologies/ -type d`

where a zim-node "complex" was filled with the list of folders under /0ale/excursions/digital/complex/ontologies/.

I'm just not sure if I can do it automatically...

any help is really appreciated!



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