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Re: newbie here: info request (for import)


On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 10:47 AM, Alessandro Magni <magni@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm very sorry - I thought I made it clear in the preceeding messages... Or
> maybe it is me that completely misunderstood:
> what I needed at first (though as I said I found out a workaround) was a way
> to put the zim pages IN DIFFERENT DIRECTORIES.
> This because each zim page would refer/comment/describe that particular
> directory.
> Seems to me that instead Zim wants all its pages in a single directory
> (where the .zim subdir is also found) - isnt it so?
> And it is because of this that - if I understood correctly, that Thorsten
> patched the code.

Did you look at an example of a hierarchical notebook in zim? Zim puts
top level pages in the top level directory, but a sub-page goes in a

So you can have:

 |-- foo.txt
 `-- foo/
     `-- bar.txt

And the page "foo:bar" refers to the file "foo/bar.txt". Any files in
foo/ that are not text files will be considered attachments of page

Thorsten's patch just puts the text files one level lower so you get:

 `-- foo/
     |-- README.txt
     `-- bar/
         `-- README.txt

and the page "foo:bar" will refer to the file "foo/bar/README.txt".
One feature of this layout is that other text files in the structure
will be considered as attachments, not as pages.

I'm not unwilling to support such a layout, but the patch by Thorsten
allows to much freedom in layout to be supportable in the long run.
Therefore I need a more narrowly defined use case to figure out what
flexibility is needed to come up with a alternative patch to get the
same effect.