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Re: Tags & Todo


On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 1:00 PM, Fabian Moser <e-mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Alessandro, Hi all,
> On 10/21/2010 10:02 AM, Alessandro Magni wrote:
> >  hi people,
> > just out of curiosity - me too as a recent poster wrote am deeply
> > interested in the implementation of tags in Zim.
> As I have already answered the recent poster, I will do so again.
> I'm very interested in tags as well and I'm working on the
> implementation. You can look up the progress (now) in the Wiki at
> http://www.zim-wiki.org/wiki/doku.php?id=supporting_tags
> > I recently tried to use the TaskList tool, and I'm puzzled: what is
> > different from using the task list for tags different from TODO and
> > FIXME? From what I see it would be perfect - just rename the "Task List"
> > to "Tag List", and allow us to write any tag we want!
> > Or am I missing something?
> To answer to your question: Jaap decided, that "since several features
> need to go really in the core of the application it is easier to add
> support low level". That's why I'm not extending the tasklist plugin but
> stick to the strategy he elaborated (the TODO list items are written by
> him). I do not (yet) have a sufficiently broad understanding of all
> internals to reason or argue this, but rest assured, tags are on the
> way. Btw contributions in form of code (launchpad) or use- and
> test-cases (Wiki) etc. are always welcome. ;)
> While we are at it, I would like to discuss how Zim should deal with
> multiple tags on one page. In my opinion and as far as I understood,
> tags are supposed to be a page property. From that I conclude that
> multiple mentions of the same tag will be ignored and handled like a
> single mention. Please comment. (Side-note: This is completely different
> from what the Tasklist plugin does!?)
> Cheers,
> Fabian
Hi Fabien & all,

For me the tags should really live in the page itself (just with a kind of
prefix before it = '@' or '#'). I myself find it very frustrating to use a
kind of special place to add tags for a page. If a tag is met several times
on one page, it obviously should be handled once. Not sure if tag hierarchy
is needed - its too much for me, but there are always people who would like
to build parent-and-child tag relationships.
Also what I've noticed when using different kinds of note taking programs,
tag cloud eventually starts to grow and you may find yourself trying to
remember what tag word you've used for a cocktail recipe or a new Android
hack description. This is not only a software problem however.
Ah, the last for today's list of wishes :) - search by tags should support
'and' queries.

BTW, how can I add usecases to the wiki page?


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