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Zim 0.49 released !


Dear all,

I just uploaded release 0.49 of zim to the website. This release adds
two new plugins: an 'Attachment Browser' and an 'Inline Calculator'.
File writing on windows has been improved to avoid conflicts. Custom
applications can now be set in the preferences and behavior of 'Edit
Source' has been improved. Most important bugs that have been fixed
are handling of unicode file paths and removing the need for empty
lines around indented sections. Many more bugs have been fixed.
Translations for Hungarian, Italian and Slovak were added.

The release was overdue since the last release as already several
months ago and thus contains a lot of bug fixes for things that were
pending in the bug tracker. On the other hand there are also quite a
number of bugs in the tracker that I would like to have fixed but
simply did not find the time to work on. So enough work for the next
release cycle ;) On a positive note I think this release has the
highest number of contributors so far - check the changelog below
(hope I didn't forget anyone..).

As mentioned before I will be completely offline for at least 3 weeks
starting this weekend. So responses on new bug reports, questions etc.
will have to wait till December. But given the number of experienced
users who can answer questions on this list I trust things will be



* Added experimental Attachment Browser plugin - by Thorsten Hackbarth
* Added Inline Calculator plugin
* Made file writing logic on windows more robust to avoid conflicts
* Fixed bug with unicode characters in notebook path
* Fixed 'shared' property for notebooks
* Patch to update history when pages are deleted or moved - by Yelve Yakut
* Patch backporting per-user site-packages dir for python 2.5 - by Jiří Janoušek
* Fix for bug with spaces in links in exported HTML - by Jiří Janoušek
* Fixed bug forcing empty lines after an indented section
* Patch for indenting in verbatim paragraphs - by Fabian Moser
* Fixed bug with unicode handling for file paths
* Added names for pageindex and pageview widgets for use in gtkrc
* Patch to jump to task within page - by Thomas Liebertraut
* Added option for setting custom applications in the preferences
* Fixed printtobrowser plugin to use proper preference for web browser
* Added default application /usr/bin/open for Mac
* Imporved behavior of 'Edit Source'
* Added checkbox to quicknote dialog to open the new page or not
* Added support for outlook:// urls and special cased mid: and cid: uris
* Added translations for Hungarian, Italian and Slovak

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