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Bounty for Tables Implementation


There has been a feature request for tables in Zim since March 2008,
this is by far my most wanted feature in Zim right now. This would
massively increase the usefulness of Zim for me. In light of this, I'm
willing to put up a bounty for this.

Subject to the writing of a specification, I'd be willing to pay
between £70 and £100 (~ 110 USD to 160USD,~ €80 - €120). Perhaps other
people would be prepared to chip in to make it more worthwhile. I
would draw out a clear agreement (doesn't really matter if it's
binding or not, pretty hard to enforce if you're in different
countries), to try to avoid any bad feeling if it wasn't successful.
International payments would be by something like Paypal. UK payments
would preferably be by BACS. Other methods could be considered.

This doesn't need to be limited to the Zim project's current
contributors. If you know anyone (of good repute) who'd be interested,
please pass this on to them.

Short specification:
* some kind of table widget needs to be embedded into a standard Gtk+
text editor (or we need a substantial rewrite of that part of Zim, but
that would be far from ideal)
* it should be native if at all possible (rather than requiring LaTeX,
although that's a useful work around)
* must be easy to use
* must follow existing coding conventions in Zim
* must be released under the all of the same licenses as Zim

See also: https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/208589

That said, if someone was prepared to write a plug-in that could
create and edit embeddable LaTeX tables (with a good GUI interface), I
would be willing to pay a bounty for that as well, perhaps not as much
though, we'd have to discuss. Money is tight.

As long as it is declared and compatible with Zim's licensing, I have
no problem with you reusing other people's work.

Contact me directly or via this list, whichever you'd rather. If other
people are willing to contribute to a bounty, please get in contact
via the list.


P.S. This is just a proposal at this stage.

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