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Re: how to get the gnome-do Zim plugin to work


El 30/11/10 11:07, Brendan Kidwell escribió:
> The source code archive you find there dates back to 2008, which is
> before the Jaap rewrote Zim as a Python app instead of Perl. The
> plugin needs to be updated for the 0.4x series of Zim. Any takers?
> Gnome DO looks like it's based on Mono and C#. (I'm not interested,
> sorry.)
There's a similar app called *kupfer* that is python+gtk, already with a
zim plugin, but I don't remember if it worked or not. I've used both
gnome-do and kupfer, and both are too slow to be useful in my netbook. I
now use a keyboard binding to give focus to the terminal and fish once I
get there.