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Re: how to get the gnome-do Zim plugin to work


The video doesn't give a canonical source for the Gnome DO plugin, but this
page seems to be it:

The source code archive you find there dates back to 2008, which is before
the Jaap rewrote Zim as a Python app instead of Perl. The plugin needs to be
updated for the 0.4x series of Zim. Any takers? Gnome DO looks like it's
based on Mono and C#. (I'm not interested, sorry.)

At a glance, I see that the plugin is reading Zim's config file, and it may
be having trouble parsing it because I think the format has changed a little
since Zim 0.2x.

Brendan Kidwell

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 6:40 PM, David Parker <cedardocster@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> this video:
> http://productivelinux.com/2009/05/23/video-post-my-favorite-things-
> about-zim-wiki/
> Looks like a really useful way to use Zim with Gnome DO, but the Zim
> plugin doesn't seem to work.  Has anyone here been able to get it
> working?

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