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Re: Zim Capture


Dne 30.11.2010 20:22, Michael Mulqueen napsal(a):

@Vlastimil: Does nothing happen for you or something? It should create

Nothing - that's why I'm asking about it. ;-)

a page in Zim for the clipping. If it isn't, there are a number of

What page, where, which namespace? I have tons of pages and a bunch of open notebooks - sorry, really don't know where and what should I look for. :-)

possible causes, the largest of which is probably that you don't have
an executable file named zim in one of your $PATH directories (perhaps
because you're using the bzr version rather than a properly installed


$ which zim


this is probably not an error. I don't know how to use it and I didn't find any instructions (except 'Select some text, right click and select "Collect Clipping in Zim". '). That's all.

Could you tell me, please, more?



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