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Cleaning up the bug list


Dear all,

As some of you may have noticed I'm going over the bug tracker and
flagging various older bugs as either "Incomplete" or "Won't Fix".
This in order to cut down on the number of open reports that ask for
attention. Items that are flagged "Incomplete" can expire if there is
no activity for ~2 months and then will disappear from the list.

The number of open bugs (including wish list items) is now around 180
and growing. I feel that in order to keep a good handle on what is
important the list should be below ~100 items. Or it least the number
should be constant, however at the present moment bugs and requests
come in much faster than I can fix them, making the list grow
endlessly. This means that a number of low priority items will need to
be dropped in order to keep the list manageable. I have seen several
examples of issues that should have been fixed in the last 6 months,
but just got snowed over by the mass of new reports coming in.

I realize the items that are dropped now are in many cases very real
issues for the submitter. But being realistic I don't see them being
worked on any time soon. Of course items can always be re-opened if
due to some change the fix becomes trivial or when a patch is

Please do not stop submitting new reports - it is good feedback on
what needs to improve - just don't be disappointed when some reports
get dropped.



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