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Re: Bounty for Tables Implementation


I agree from a practicality point of view, that treeviews are the way
to go. Looks like it is possible to use Pango within treeviews:
http://old.nabble.com/Formating-text-in-treeview-td8641216.html Even
if the custom widget doesn't support Pango formatting in the first
place, it should be written with an eye to make it relatively easy to
implement later. I would have liked more presentational tables, but
this will be so much better than nothing at all.

Porting to Webkit at some point in the future is something that I
would fully support. It would allow for a great deal more flexibility.
Currently, I share your concerns though.


P.S. Thanks for pointing out gwrite, I'll be keeping an eye on that,
looks very promising.