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A plugin to reuse text snippets (first release)



I don't know if this is the correct place to announce and post a new plugin... but here is mine.

The "Insert snippet" plugin adds a new menu entry "Insert/Text from page..." which shows a dialog box where you can enter some page path. Then, its content is added to the current edited page.

Current options are :
- remove title (from inserted text)
- increase header level (h1 goes h2, etc)
- insert backlink to source (above and/or under the inserted text)
- show full namespace (by default, only the basename will be shown)
- add some prefix before backlink (something like "**source : **")

It has been tested on zim 0.49 (Ubuntu)

I hope this can be useful.

PS :
- I can provide french gettext messages for translation
- you're welcome to fix incorrect english words in the plugin...

Best regards,

Le 03/01/2011 18:44, Jaap Karssenberg a écrit :
On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 6:01 PM, Pascollin<pascollin@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
I would like a plugin to reuse text snippets from some other pages.

Example : I create a page "my text templates" and set this as snippets
root in the plugin preferences.

I tried to create such a plugin, but I didn't find how to add zim
formatted text to the current insert point (textview/textbuffer).

Could you give me some advice ?
To insert formatted text you need to parse the text first in order to
get a "parse tree", then you can use the "insert_parsetree_at_cursor"
method. You can get a parsetree for a page with "get_parsetree" or use
the parser for the specific format (default wiki format most likely).

To parse a piece of text and insert it in the current page the plugin
would need to do the following ("self" being the plugin object and
"text" the snippet):

import zim.formats

format = zim.formats.get_format('wiki')
parser = format.Parser()
parsetree = parser.parse(text)

buffer = self.ui.mainwindow.pageview.view.get_buffer()

Hope this helps,

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Copyright 2010 Pascal Collin <pascollin@xxxxxxxxx>

import gtk
import logging

from zim.plugins import PluginClass
from zim.gui.widgets import Dialog, ErrorDialog, Button, PageEntry
from zim.config import config_file
from zim.notebook import Path
from zim.formats.wiki import Parser

logger = logging.getLogger('zim.plugins.insertsnippet')

ui_xml = '''
<menubar name='menubar'>
	<menu action='insert_menu'>
		<placeholder name='plugin_items'>
			<menuitem action='insert_snippet'/>

ui_actions = (
	# name, stock id, label, accelerator, tooltip, readonly
	('insert_snippet', None, _('Text From _Page...'), None, '', False), # T: menu item

class SnippetPlugin(PluginClass):

	plugin_info = {
		'name': _('Insert Snippet'), # T: plugin name
		'description': _('''This plugin adds the 'Insert text from page' dialog and allows reusing text from some other page.'''), # T: plugin description
		'author': 'Pascal Collin',
		'help': 'Plugins:Insert Snippet',

	plugin_preferences = (
		('remove_title', 'bool', _('Remove title'), False),
		('increase header', 'bool', _('increase header levels'), False),
		('prelink_source', 'bool', _('insert source link before text'), False),
		('postlink_source', 'bool', _('append source link after text'), False),
		('show_namespace','bool',_('links show namespace'),False),
		('link_prefix','string',_('link prefix'), '** source ** :'),

	def initialize_ui(self, ui):
		if self.ui.ui_type == 'gtk':
			self.ui.add_actions(ui_actions, self)
			self.ui.add_ui(ui_xml, self)

	def finalize_ui(self, ui):
		if self.ui.ui_type == 'gtk':
			self.pageview = self.ui.mainwindow.pageview

	def disconnect(self):
		if self.ui.ui_type == 'gtk':
	def insert_snippet(self):
		InsertSnippetDialog(self.ui, self.preferences).run()

class InsertSnippetDialog(Dialog):

	def __init__(self, ui, preferences):
		Dialog.__init__(self, ui, _('Insert Text From Page'))
		self.buffer = self.ui.mainwindow.pageview.view.get_buffer()
		hbox = gtk.HBox(spacing = 4)
		hbox.pack_start(gtk.Label(str = '%s :' % (_('Page'),)), False)
		self.entry = PageEntry(ui.notebook, path_context = ui.get_path_context())
		hbox.pack_start(self.entry, True)
		self.vbox.pack_start(hbox, False)
		self.preferences = preferences

	def do_response_ok(self):

		def insert_link(breakline=0):
			self.buffer.insert_at_cursor('\r\n') if breakline == -1 else None
			self.buffer.insert_parsetree_at_cursor(Parser().parse(self.preferences['link_prefix'])) if self.preferences['link_prefix'] else None
			text = page.basename if not self.preferences['show_namespace'] else '%s:%s' % (page.namespace, page.basename)
			self.buffer.insert_link_at_cursor(text, href= path.name)
			self.buffer.insert_at_cursor('\r\n') if breakline == 1 else None
		path = self.entry.get_path()
		page = self.ui.notebook.get_page(path)
		if page.exists() and page.hascontent :
			tree = page.get_parsetree()
			root = tree.getroot()
			#removing title if required
			children = root.getchildren()
			root.remove(children[0]) if self.preferences['remove_title'] and len(children) and children[0].tag == 'h' else None
			#applying header offset if required
			tree.cleanup_headings(offset = 1) if self.preferences['increase header'] else None
			#inserting pre-link if required
			insert_link(1) if self.preferences['prelink_source'] else None
			#inserting source parse_tree
			#inserting post-link if required
			insert_link(-1) if self.preferences['postlink_source'] else None
			#we must restore the modified page parsetree
			return True
		else :
			ErrorDialog(self, _('Page not found')).run()
		return False