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Attachment of DJVU files to a page



Trying to attach a djvu file I found Zim creating a wrong link to
the file.  The link looks like this:
instead of
The link is not 'clickable' after this.  If I change the link manually
in a page text file it is looking good and is clickable.  The 'pdf'
files are attached right.

It seems like Zim tried to recognize a file format (why?) but
can't do this.  The 'djvu' extension and corresponding handlers
are defined in /etc/mime.types and /etc/mailcap by the way, so this is a
bug.  I'd prefer Zim to just attach a file without any intelligence, and
do 'run-mailcap' if I click on it.

Sorry if this feature has already been discussed in the mailing list.

Best witches,
Evgeny Kurbatov