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Bug classification


Dear all,

In my effort to get more order in the bug list I'm trying now trying
to use tags to set priorities on all wishlist items. This is a bit
orthogonal to the importance on the bugs itself since all of these
have the importance set to "wishlist", yet not all wishlist items are

The main tags I use now are "missing" which are items I think should
be addressed to finish zim as a feature complete application (think of
the mythical version 1.0), and "papercut" which are small items that
can easily improve the application. I encourage anyone who wants to
try his hand at some patches to check bugs in the papercut category.
Wishlist bugs outside of these two categories I consider long term
items and I will not spent much effort on them - of course anybody is
free to pick them up if they disagree with my ranking ;)

See this page for the overview:



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