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Re: new wiki syntax: better way to implement in Zim ?


>From my experience, it seems that zim picks up files with .txt ending
and includes them into the zim structure as if they were pages,
regardless of header or not. I have put some asciidoc pages with the
extension .txt in my zim, and they show up as pages, and since the
syntax is not that different, zim does a job on handling the syntax.
Unfortunately, zim also inserts the header into the file on which
asciidoc will later barf. My workaround is to give the files some
other extension than .txt. I use zim as a reference organizer and
found it quite convenient that text files actually were editable in
zim itself, except for the fact that the header was added

Now I wonder what the motivation is to have additional markup language
support in zim? (a general question that anybody feeling for it may
answer). The zim markup lines up nicely to the features that are
available in zim. Replacing the zim markup seems to be nogo for zim
pages. From my perspective it is more a need to have zim respect files
with other markup and leave them alone or parse as far as it is able
and leave the rest untouched (more like the principles of XML) both in
input and when saving to disk.

Many markup languages have comment commands which does not show up in
the rendered text. If I could add a comment
// zim: no-touch
to the beginning of all my asciidoc files and zim would look for that
before it decides to include it in its structure, I would be happy.
This won't help for external files that I decide to put inside the
domain of zim, but most of the text files in my structure are made by
me. At the moment, I solve by using a different extension, but that
sometimes give the fileview plugin a tough time when I try to open
with an external application, as some extensions are assigned to
specific applications.


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