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Re: new wiki syntax: better way to implement in Zim ?


On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 3:52 PM, Svenn Are Bjerkem
<svenn.bjerkem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> Now I wonder what the motivation is to have additional markup language
> support in zim?

Main argument is to use zim in combination with other software like an
existing online wiki or existing text-to-html tools.

Maybe it will not match as nicely with zim's features as the default
syntax. But should be possible if there is a strong enough use case
for people creating the parsers.

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> Many markup languages have comment commands which does not show up in
> the rendered text. If I could add a comment
> // zim: no-touch
> to the beginning of all my asciidoc files and zim would look for that
> before it decides to include it in its structure, I would be happy.
> This won't help for external files that I decide to put inside the
> domain of zim, but most of the text files in my structure are made by
> me. At the moment, I solve by using a different extension, but that
> sometimes give the fileview plugin a tough time when I try to open
> with an external application, as some extensions are assigned to
> specific applications.

You are describing a reversed version of how I want to do it. By
excluding any text files that do *not* have the zim header from the
index we achieve the same result and without touching other file

-- Jaap