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Re: new wiki syntax: better way to implement in Zim ?


Hi Ecaroh, hi everybody.

I don't understand the difference you make between "ascii markups" and
"wiki markups", what can be called "Lightweight markup
language" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightweight_markup_language) ;
for me, markdown is a wiki markup, as Dokuwiki syntax, pmwiki syntax,
mediawiki syntax, asciidoc,  reStructuredText, creole, etc, are.

**But i get your point** as i have quit the same needs. I worked with
markdown syntax a couple of years ago, before defining my own syntax and
the tools to convert / generate it (in PHP).

Now, there could be 2 different approaches in Zim :

- Giving Zim the ability to work with multiple wiki syntaxes
- Enhancing the export fonctionality to be able to convert zim notebook
pages in other wiki syntaxes

The 2 options are not exclusives.

For a lot of my work done with other softwares or with other formats, i
wrote some converting tools
(http://omacronides.com/projets/pyrnb/#converters). But now i want to
work with Zim (because it's a wonderful tool). So, what i try to do is
to be able to choose the wiki syntax used in a zim notebook when you
create it. And once you have a Parser / Dumper for one specific format,
building a export functionality can be easy. (I'm also working on a
template chooser, but that's for another thread).

I have a solution that works, but it needs a couple of enhancements (i'm
a java|PHP|javascript developer, not python, so it takes me some time to
find the right way to code things). If Jaap considers that the code can
be useful, he could merge it into the Zim trunk. If not, i will publish
a public release with those modifications, and maybe it could suit your
needs. More in the days to come.

BTW, i find the wiki creole approach very interesting too.


Rui Nibau
Développeur web, rédacteur scientifique
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