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Alternative default template proposal


Hi there!
It is convenient for my usage to have the "Created" date of each page linked to the corresponding date page, so I see the summary of that day, backlinks etc. Hence I simply edited the template. In case anyone else needs the functionality, here it is:

======= [% page.basename %] =======
Created [[[% strftime(":Calendar:%Y:%m:%d") %]|[% strftime("%A %d %B %Y") %]]]

Two more points to it:
- I don't know how to set the namespace according to the setting, possibly changed by the user. Therefore I made it fixed - ":Calendar". Is there an elegant solution?
- On the page http://zim-wiki.org/manual/Help/Templates.html my path to the default template is missing - in my case, it is "/usr/local/share/zim/". The filename is "Default.txt", no _New.

I thank all the contributors, you are doing a great job!