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couple questions


Hey folks, glad to be hear. I'm very impressed and excited with Zim so
far. There are just a couple things I can't quite figure out how to do,
and I can't find the answers in the documentation, or in the answers
section here in the mailing list (there don't seem to be ANY questions
or answers, actually).

1. I'd like to link a page to a subpage of an entirely different page.
Let's say I'm talking about how Ceasar killed Vercingetorix. I have one
page called Deaths, which has the info of that particularly killing. I'd
like to have a page for "Romans", and "Caesar" as a subpage for "Romans,
and "Vercingetorix" as a subpage for "Gauls". Did I make that clear? Is
this possible?

2. The second one is just a feature I wasn't sure existed and I'd like
to ask and request.
On many online forums there is a feature called a "spoiler". It's like a
button you click that will display more text in a little box, then you
can reclick it to hide the text (or image) again. I'd really like that.

Thanks guys, and happy Zimming.
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