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May I ask you for your feedback on plugin - split the page.


I would like to make a plugin into the Zim.
The goal is to enable functionality to split page. Both on manually chosen place and also at place based on setup criteria.

Manually chosen place
What do you think is the most convenient way for you to split the page.

My idea is to right-click in the text and choose “Split page” and it would create new page filled with text which was under the point of click.
Or to add a button which would wait until mouse click in the text.
Or select part of the text and again with right-click move the selected part to a new page.

Settings will determine:
If a new page will be created with increased number at the end or if you will be asked for the page name.
If a link to new page will be placed at the point of the split on the old page.

Automatically chosen place
how to determine the right place?
Should it split before specified heading level or after specified number of new lines or elsewhere? 

Please let me know if you have any idea which would help you to work faster and easier or something you prefer from above.
Thank you very much for your feedback in advance.
Jan Pacovsky

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