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Re: Windows 0.53 PRERELEASE -- possible bug


Hi Brendan,

ZimWiki crashed after I did the following:

I right-clicked on the left pane, choosing New Page when the first
page of my Wiki was selected.
Then I wrote WORK and click Enter.

However, when I ran the program again, the new page was there.

I'm on Win XP Pro, Italian version.

By the way, I've noticed that you can drag the page names on the left
pane, but nothing seems to happen (I thought you could drop a page and
make it subpage of another, but this ain't working). Any hints?

Kind regards

Marco Cevoli

On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 04:07, Brendan Kidwell <snarf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I tried this earlier this week and posted the results without having tested
> my build on a clean machine. Thanks Marco for the early failure report.
> I'm not sure why it failed, but I started again tonight with two CLEAN
> Windows XP virtual machines tonight (instead of Windows 2008). I followed my
> build instructions on one, and installed the result on the other. And it
> really seems to be working okay for me now! I tested on clean Windows XP and
> also a Windows 2008 ASP.NET development box.
> *** Now that the package actually works at least for me, I still need a
> non-English user to confirm that the portable and desktop versions both
> display the correct languages for Zim menus and dialog boxes, please. The
> desktop installer's text is English-only, but the application should show
> translations. ***
> Once I get a confirmation or two, I'll send Jaap a merge request.
> Windows-specific changes since 0.50 (last stable Windows release):
> * Desktop installer clears "$PROGRAMFILES/Zim Desktop Wiki" before writing
> to it.
> * Desktop UNINSTALLER correctly removes user-level and "all users"-level
> Desktop icon and Start Menu shortcuts (2008, 7, Vista).
> * Added 256x256 resolution image to zim.ico file for better appearance in
> Desktop folder (2008, 7, Vista).
> * Created portable installer package using PortableApps.com tools -- good
> for running Zim from a thumbdrive. Ready to final submit to PortableApps.com
> after we "go live" with 0.53.
> * Fixed "look and feel on windows: default gtk laf is used"
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/830043 .
> * notebooks.list and other config files are written with paths relative to
> $HOME now instead of absolute paths; this enables a Portable launcher
> without having to rewrite notebooks.list during every launch. The launcher
> script just has to set $HOME to the app's folder instead of the user's local
> profile. (I've got this covered.)
> * Added EULA.rtf (converted from ./LICENSE.txt) to desktop and portable
> installers. Yes it's one more thing to click on, but it may come in handy if
> someone finds the installer in a dusty archive years from now.
> * Fixed various bugs that caused Zim to fail to start entirely for Windows
> in 0.51 through 0.52 releases.
> Desktop installer
> http://www.glump.net/content/zim/Zim-setup-0.53_PRERELEASE_2011-09-09.exe
> PortableApps.com installer
> http://www.glump.net/content/zim/ZimDesktopWikiPortable_0.53_PRERELEASE.paf.exe
> Not-yet-merged Windows-related code changes to produce the above packages
> https://code.launchpad.net/~bkidwell/zim/pyzim-win-installer
> Always backup your data!
> If you try out this build, please follow the mailing list and upgrade when
> the FINAL 0.53 build for Windows is available.

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