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Re: Windows 0.53 PRERELEASE -- Underscore issue


Hi again,

I don't know if this is documented or not or is a real bug, but if you
put an underscore (_) as first character of a page, Zim-wiki does not
complain (as it does with hyphen, for instance). However,  the
underscore doesn't appear in the page name.

Same as usual: I'm on Win XP pro, Italian edition and using Zim-Wiki
0.53 from the installer.

Kind regards

Marco Cevoli

On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 22:37, Marco Cevoli <marco.cevoli@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Brendan,
> I've tried the Desktop installer
>> http://www.glump.net/content/zim/Zim-setup-0.53_PRERELEASE_2011-09-09.exe
> on my Win XP Professional in Italian and everything works fine. I
> really like the new "tag" feature.
> Thanks a lot for your efforts. Please get in touch with me should you
> need further info.
> Kind regards
> Marco Cevoli
> On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 04:07, Brendan Kidwell <snarf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I tried this earlier this week and posted the results without having tested
>> my build on a clean machine. Thanks Marco for the early failure report.
>> I'm not sure why it failed, but I started again tonight with two CLEAN
>> Windows XP virtual machines tonight (instead of Windows 2008). I followed my
>> build instructions on one, and installed the result on the other. And it
>> really seems to be working okay for me now! I tested on clean Windows XP and
>> also a Windows 2008 ASP.NET development box.
>> *** Now that the package actually works at least for me, I still need a
>> non-English user to confirm that the portable and desktop versions both
>> display the correct languages for Zim menus and dialog boxes, please. The
>> desktop installer's text is English-only, but the application should show
>> translations. ***
>> Once I get a confirmation or two, I'll send Jaap a merge request.
>> Windows-specific changes since 0.50 (last stable Windows release):
>> * Desktop installer clears "$PROGRAMFILES/Zim Desktop Wiki" before writing
>> to it.
>> * Desktop UNINSTALLER correctly removes user-level and "all users"-level
>> Desktop icon and Start Menu shortcuts (2008, 7, Vista).
>> * Added 256x256 resolution image to zim.ico file for better appearance in
>> Desktop folder (2008, 7, Vista).
>> * Created portable installer package using PortableApps.com tools -- good
>> for running Zim from a thumbdrive. Ready to final submit to PortableApps.com
>> after we "go live" with 0.53.
>> * Fixed "look and feel on windows: default gtk laf is used"
>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/830043 .
>> * notebooks.list and other config files are written with paths relative to
>> $HOME now instead of absolute paths; this enables a Portable launcher
>> without having to rewrite notebooks.list during every launch. The launcher
>> script just has to set $HOME to the app's folder instead of the user's local
>> profile. (I've got this covered.)
>> * Added EULA.rtf (converted from ./LICENSE.txt) to desktop and portable
>> installers. Yes it's one more thing to click on, but it may come in handy if
>> someone finds the installer in a dusty archive years from now.
>> * Fixed various bugs that caused Zim to fail to start entirely for Windows
>> in 0.51 through 0.52 releases.
>> Desktop installer
>> http://www.glump.net/content/zim/Zim-setup-0.53_PRERELEASE_2011-09-09.exe
>> PortableApps.com installer
>> http://www.glump.net/content/zim/ZimDesktopWikiPortable_0.53_PRERELEASE.paf.exe
>> Not-yet-merged Windows-related code changes to produce the above packages
>> https://code.launchpad.net/~bkidwell/zim/pyzim-win-installer
>> Always backup your data!
>> If you try out this build, please follow the mailing list and upgrade when
>> the FINAL 0.53 build for Windows is available.

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