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Re: Linking to a subpage "on the fly"


On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 5:18 PM, Roberto Suarez Soto <talkingxouba@xxxxxxxxx
> wrote:

>        forgive me in advance if this is in the FAQ or in the menus. I
> didn't find it, but I'm not the sharpest investigator around :-)
>        If I'm on "MyPage" and want to create the subpage "MySubPage", by
> default zim creates it on the same level as "MyPage". Is there a way that
> it's created under it, without having to edit the link by hand? Some kind of
> switch in the preferences ("Link to subpages by default") would be great. Or
> even better, a keyboard shortcut ("Control+Shift+L", for example).

You might want to try typing "+MySubPage", the "+" will flag it as a child

-- Jaap

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