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ms-outlook uri support


Hi Jaap, list,

I recently wanted to be able to link to my outlook (work) emails from
within Zim.  The URLs for outlook, however, look like this:
"outlook:SDKFJLSDJFLJKJKJ234fjLSDJFLKS(somereallylongGUID)".  Zim doesn't
recognize this as a URL/URI, but thinks it's a page, so hence the patch.

And for those interested, tweaking Zim is only half the battle.  If you
want to use outlook URLs, you'll also need to:

   - Add support for outlook urls to your registry:
   - Download a little utility that creates the outlook urls (basically
   finds the GUID of the message in question).  The above link will point the

I'm hoping this will allow me to more easily create action items referring
to outlook emails as well as point to emails as reference material.


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