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Re: ms-outlook uri support


Hi Greg,

Actually outlook URLs should be supported since version 0.49 of zim (but
didn't test it recently myself). See the URL handler code in
zim/gui/__init__.py .  Or does this patch add something that is not yet
supported by that handler ?



On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 6:27 PM, Greg Warner <gdwarner@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Jaap, list,
> I recently wanted to be able to link to my outlook (work) emails from
> within Zim.  The URLs for outlook, however, look like this:
> "outlook:SDKFJLSDJFLJKJKJ234fjLSDJFLKS(somereallylongGUID)".  Zim doesn't
> recognize this as a URL/URI, but thinks it's a page, so hence the patch.
> And for those interested, tweaking Zim is only half the battle.  If you
> want to use outlook URLs, you'll also need to:
>    - Add support for outlook urls to your registry:
>    http://www.davidtan.org/outlook-2007-adding-outlook-url-protocol/
>    - Download a little utility that creates the outlook urls (basically
>    finds the GUID of the message in question).  The above link will point the
>    way.
> I'm hoping this will allow me to more easily create action items referring
> to outlook emails as well as point to emails as reference material.
> Greg

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