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Release planning for zim 0.54 - bug fix release


Dear all,

SInce the release of zim 0.53 I have been more or less absent. This absense
wasn't really planned, but between marathon training, my day time job, and
some holiday it kind of happened. Now I have some time opening up, so I'm
trying to clear out the list with new bug reports and empty my mail box.
Please be patience, it can take a while - but do not hesitate to resend if
something critical stays on the pile to long.

Since there are at least two nasty bugs (links in read-only mode don't work
anymore, and the index jumps with every page selection - both fixed in
trunk), and given that development on new features is only progressing
slowly, I decided to make a quick bug fix release this month. I will spend
some more time on that this week and probably finalize it next week. This
will be the 0.54 release. Hopefully it will then progress through the
package indexes fast enough to make it in time for the package freeze for
the upcoming Ubuntu LTS version.

In the mean time you could have a look at translation updates. Only a four
new messages, so it should be a quick update.

Btw. for those who would like a preview of new features there is a separate
branch on launchpad ("next") this contains some work I intended for 0.54
but will now be pushed out to a later release.