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Cleanup Attachments commented out?


I seen a very useful feature in the Zim manual called  "Cleanup
Attachments", http://zim-wiki.org/manual/Help/Menu_Items.html, but it
did not appear in the menu.  While poking around for some other stuff I
came across what looked like the code for performing the Cleanup
Attachments feature this encouraged me to poked around a bit more and I
noticed that menubar.xml has "<menuitem action='show_clean_notebook'/>"
commented out.  I un-commented this and have done a couple simple tests
on the feature and find it to be working well and to be very useful.

Is there a specific reason the Cleanup Attachments feature is commented
out?  Are there some known issues?

My env: Windows XP 64-bit, Zim 0.53 running from source, Python 2.6.6
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