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double-click needed to open page from index: is this intended?



from revision 472 on I need a double-click to open a page from the index
panel. Is this intended behaviour? For me, this makes the usage of zim
much more complicated (and Windows like). I do not see a reason for a
left mouse click in the index besides opening a page.  Selection of
entries makes no sense, because there is nothing you can do with that
selection (at least I do not know of anything).

Furthermore, the right mouse button behaviour changes as well (not sure
about the revision). Earlier it was possible to right click on a page in
the index and the menu for a new page and so on opened. No, I have to
keep the roght mouse button clicked, otherwise the 'new page' entries is
selected directly.

so, is this a bug?


INFO: This is zim 0.54
DEBUG: Python version is (2, 6, 6, 'final', 0)
DEBUG: Platform is posix
DEBUG: Running from a source dir: /home/muthers/bin/zim.bzr
DEBUG: Gtk version is (2, 20, 1)
DEBUG: Pygtk version is (2, 17, 0)

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