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portable, archived build environment for Zim for Windows


In the past when I've wanted to do a build of Zim for Windows, I often
didn't have the right Windows VM handy. Installing all the prerequisites
for Zim is a pain.

Tonight I tried building a portable installation of Python (32-bit), Zim,
Bazaar, and its other prerequisites -- all under "~/Projects/pyzim". I
created a shell launcher script that sets $PATH and $PYTHONPATH correctly,
so the whole thing should be easily portable to any recent Windows version,
32-bit or 64-bit.

http://www.glump.net/content/zim/Zim_Windows_build_environment.zip (62MB).

This may come in handy for me in the future, and of course for anyone else
who wants to run the Zim for Windows build process. Follow the readme.txt
in the root folder of the archive, and skip the "Requirements" section of

Brendan Kidwell