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Not detecting changed pages?


I use Dropbox with Zim.  I am, of course, aware that Zim doesn't
automatically detect new pages or changes in directory structure, but
I have always thought that Zim would automatically load the newer
version of a page if it had been saved to disk while Zim was on a
different page.  Just now, though, I loaded a page on my netbook that
had been modified earlier today on my laptop, and it loaded the old
version of the page, as if it was still in memory and it didn't check
the mtime on the disk.  I hit Ctrl+R and it showed the new version
right away.

Of course, if I had tried to make changes to the page, Zim would have
popped up an error saying the page had been changed--but why doesn't
it detect that when I view the page?

I'm using 0.54 on Oneiric.

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