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Re: Evernote/Footnote-like UI change?


Sorry if this is mostly OT, but I'm excited by Zim's possibilities and
would like to introduce myself to the list with a bit of context as to
what's brought me here.

I have used Evernote as my "brain extension" for many years now, to the
point where I've got over 50,000 "nodes" in dozens of ENB files, mostly
snippets and web-page extracts/annotated bookmarks, but some book-length
full-fledged structured references.

I've stuck with v2.2 since I don't like my private data out in the
cloud, and the v3 upgrade got rid of truly hierarchical organization of
tags, including the ability for a given tag to have multiple locations
in the tree (directed acyclic graphs for those au fait on such things).

Over the past year, I've tried to cut down on adding new content to EN,
keeping more and more in plaintext files with a folder hierarchy
providing the "main" organisational categorisation, coupled with full-
text search.

I've been using txt2tags syntax, but recently have considered moving
over to pandoc's extended markdown or reST/Sphinx.

The main tools I've been looking at are the Python-based outliner/coding
editor Leo, and DokuWiki. The former uses reSt, the latter as you know
is proprietary, but both work fine (as I assume Zim would) using
whatever markup syntax you like as long as you're happy working with
plain-text, only getting pretty formatting with the final converted
output in the target formats output by your toolchain.

I **highly** recommend the Zim developers consider Evernote's (old-
school version) for UI ideas as well as the tagging organization.

I would really love to see Zim get the ability to show multiple "pages"
as a result of clicking on a tag, and ideally the ability to do and/or
filtering as well.

Evernote has the ability to only show the first X lines of each document
to handle the issue of longer "pages" hogging the visual bandwidth of
the data stream, but in practice I rarely used it, a few PgDn's or
scrollbar clicks usually handles it, and once the "container app" has
these abilities, one usually keeps content in much smaller "chunks" -
finer granularity supporting more accurate tagging.

I am however intrigued by the idea of "inline tagging" where terms apply
to individual paragraphs (divs?) rather than only to entire nodes

Just as with DokuWiki, the fact that Zim's markup is not supported by
third-party conversion tools to more mainstream documentation formats is
a major roadblock for me - if I were rich I'd sponsor bounties - if I
were really rich I'd learn to program 8-)

Anyway, sorry it took you so long just to get my 2¢, I'll try to be more
respectful of list bandwidth in future. . .
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