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overlapping zim folder trees?


I have a very complex folder hierarchy with thousands of files, mostly
plaintext that I'd like to "transition" into a zim wiki.

Rather than just pointing zim to the top of the tree and immediately
having an overwhelming amount of kruft to deal with, I thought I'd
start by creating smaller wikis further down to deal with a specific,
currently active topic domain.

I'd end up with a few of these, and over time as I get things
organized, I thought it would be easy to wipe the smaller ones'
zim-meta data and establish higher-level wikis that would incorporate
branches previously covered by several smaller ones.

However there may be times when I have a given sub-branch included in
more than one zim wiki. I realize this can cause last-edit-wins race
issues, but other than that, would this cause any problems with Zim

And I'm pretty sure this is the case, but could you please confirm:

All "real content" data is stored in the .txt files, so that wiping
the notebook.zim and the .zim folder won't actually cause me to lose
anything important - not only content but internal cross-referencing,
tagging etc? What about with plugins?

Thanks in advance

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