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Re: overlapping zim folder trees?


On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 8:21 AM, <hansbkk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> However there may be times when I have a given sub-branch included in
> more than one zim wiki. I realize this can cause last-edit-wins race
> issues, but other than that, would this cause any problems with Zim
> itself?

Not really, because the sub trees have their own meta data, which is not
touched when you use the top level tree. Only expect problems when you have
both open at the same time.

> And I'm pretty sure this is the case, but could you please confirm:
> All "real content" data is stored in the .txt files, so that wiping
> the notebook.zim and the .zim folder won't actually cause me to lose
> anything important - not only content but internal cross-referencing,
> tagging etc? What about with plugins?

"notebook.zim" contains some properties (like the home page etc.) but no
real content, ".zim" is just a cache. So both can be deleted without
loosing any content.

You can re-build the cache on a given notebook with "zim --index". This is
done automatically as well, but for large data sets you might want to do
this manually once after adding sub-trees etc.  This command will read each
page and build the index of tags, links, etc. and store it in ".zim".