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Re: Proof of Concept markdown export for zim


On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 7:50 PM, kwoodham@xxxxxxxxx <kwoodham@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Only issue I had is concatenating sequential lines.  In zim I can use:
> Here's a list:
> * item 1
> * item 2
> but it comes out in the html as
> Here's a list: * item 1 * item 2
> Fix, of course, was to put a blank line between the line and the list.
> Similar issue happens with any set of sequential lines.  I know this
> is probably a tweak - or I can change my habits too for that matter.

Thanks for the catch - will add that tweak to the export code.

> Having the translation capability is very helpful.  I use Simplenote -
> which reads markdown, so pasting the translated markup into Simplenote
> gives me an on-line copy of any zim article I want.

Memo to self: add markdown also as "Copy As" format in context menu.

> Great job Jaap - I know this is proof-of-concept - but it is already
> "production quality" in my book.

Afraid there are at least two issues preventing me from including it in the
next release:

1) How to deal with checkbox lists ? Current I leave them in the same
syntax as zim (using "[ ]", "[*]" and "[x]") but this will not
translate well in pandoc's interpretation

2) How should we link to other files when exporting a notebook ? I can
link the file as "file:///path/to/file.txt" or as "./file.txt"

Maybe someone on the list has a suggestion ?