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Call for user cases ?



When I read the posts of this mailing list, I'm always suprised by how
many different uses Zim Wiki can be adapted to. Sometimes a program
reaches a huge success when its users are aware of all the program's
possibilities. So I was wondering that perhaps we can start to collect
all users' cases, that is a small description about how you use Zim
Wiki in your daily routine. We can later "pack" these testimonials in
a more marketing-oriented text that Jaap can publish on the website.
The ultimate goal of all this would be to spread the word about Zim
Wiki among the largest audience possible. This might increase
donations and give Jaap (and other devs) some freedom, so that they
can devote more time to the project. Well formatted and presented,
these testimonials could be placed in the documentation pages.

It's just an idea. Let me know what you think.

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Kind regards

Marco Cevoli

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