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Re: questions on zimDMS


On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 3:22 PM, Alessandro Magni <magni@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> **
> please excuse me for the late reply...
Not at all a problem

> you're right about the possible questions about zimDMS, but the page
> you're referring to, if you follow the link leading up one level, leads you
> to http://www.inrim.it/~magni/mycode.htm
> and at this page you will see that the zimDMS link isnt active anymore - I
> guess you obtained that link at the Zim website, I'll have to post a
> warning there...
> The zimDMS project is not active anymore because, although I like Zim a
> lot, I don't like the fact that it forced me to create the parallel
> directory structure that you are mentioning in your mail.
> And exactly as you asked me, I also asked myself if there was a way to
> keep the documentation part in the same directory structure of the real
> data itself - and that's why I stopped zimDMS and created inFolder
> http://www.inrim.it/~magni/inFolder.htm (and download here:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/infolder/).
> The drawback is that I had to wrote everything myself, in particular the
> hypertext part, so it could feel more primitive than Zim. But the good news
> is that all the documentation happens inside the original directory.
> Concerning python I use V2.6.4, but I don't use any esotheric feature, so
> it should run quite well on older versions... from my page you'll see it
> requires also Tkinter and ImageMagick, and optionally PIL, LaTeX and gpg.
> Other modules used are quite standard...
> Can it run under Windows? Honestly I don't know, I don't have a Win
> machine available - but it could. If you're able to do it, let me know!
> I'll be happy if your try it and tell me about your thoughts

Thanks for the pointer and your comments, and I'll try to make time to
check inFolder out.