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Re: Multi user?


On Thu, 2012-03-01 at 08:02 +0000, João Santos wrote:
> The problem with unison is that it is no longer actively developed.
> And beside that an automatic syncing method would probably be better
> for the average user.

Well, git is also not automatically updating, but SparkleShare
developers put infrastructure around it to make it a Dropbox clone for
private networks. There are voices on the SparkleShare channels that
raise the unison issue from time to time. I personally like unison
better than git, as a git repository collect overhead on commits. This
overhead gets really big as time moves on. If the SparkleShare box
contains binary data which happens to be updated from time to time,
there is going to be a huge overhead. Nice thing is that there is always
previous versions available, so no need to use the vcs plugin in zim, at
least for me.

It is not necessarily negative that a package is not developed anymore
as long as it is packagable on newer distributions. Stable and function
complete software is the best there is. No surprises. (Unless there are
bugs, of course.)

Automatic sync is a necessity, Dropbox made that pretty clear. I moved
most of my non-sensitive things to Dropbox from unison and life became
quite different. No forgotten updates anymore.


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