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Italian translation OK



I've translated the new strings into Italian.

On a side note, I've been looking at the whole Italian localization
package. I've found out that several strings have been translate in
many different ways. For instance "plugin" has been translated as
modulo, componente, estensione, plugin. A proper review of all strings
would benefit the consistency of the Italian translation. Although it
is "good enough", we could devote some time to unify all
inconsistencies. Unfortunately, the current Launchpad interface allows
any contributor to modify existing translations. So, unless a "head
localizer" for each language is defined and/or unless we translators
have some kind of open forum to share opinions, we might enter in a
loop of "I review someone else's review..." making all effort useless.

This said, when I have some spare time, I'll try to have a deeper look
at the strings and / or contact the other Italian contributors to make
a joined effort on this.

Kind regards

Marco Cevoli
Traduttore tecnico. Grafico. Congiungitore di punti.
t 34 675 800 826
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