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Zim and ipython


Hello dear zim developpers and users !

I started to use zim a few months ago and I think it's a great tool to take
notes and to organize my works amongs over uses.
Actually It seems it's a tool I always wanted and I am addicted.

To get to the object of my message, I took a look at the ipython
few days ago, and it seems to share some of it spirit and even some
cases with zim, especially the ipython
wich is to me like an especially powerful zim-wiki page used with some
plugins like the arithmetic and graphs one.

Of course it is a lot more powerful and complex, but I wonder if a plugin
that would allow to embed and edit an ipython notebook page into a zim-wiki
notebook would interest some people. Without looking in depth into the
respective source code I believed it would be possible to do such a thing
without much effort considering the two projects shares a lot of bases.

What do you think of this idea ? I might take a look into this if the
answer here is positive.

Thanks for reading,

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