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Symbol insertion more conveniently?



The symbol auto-insertion feature seems to depend on having a
whitespace before (and after) the text-to-be-replaced. Is there a way
to circumvent this?

E.g. I can write the formula
  〈 α | H | ψ 〉
by typing
  \lang \alpha | H | \psi \rang

However, if I want to write it as
  〈α| H |ψ〉
then I have to add a good deal of cursor movement.

Is there some way to avoid this?

If not, would it be possible to implement an option to make `\' start
sort of an "insertion mode"? I was thinking along the lines of Lyx in
Math mode:
- \ starts the insertion of a special character, in LyX even including
- The next space-press doesn't insert a whitespace but causes
insertion of the symbol.
- A literal \ is still available by typing \\.

For Zim, a literal space would implicitly still be available by
pressing space twice.

king regards, Yu

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