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automatic styling nightmare


I don't want to be rude, but "bullet list" and "numbered list"
auto-formatting in Zim, completely screw my notes for some times. I hate
these kind of automatic "kitchen list" styling in a word
processor, unless I can disable them, and define my own custom list

How can I disable both of them? Eventually could these styling be made
optional (e.g. in the preferences).

I need to write procedure notes with number and bullets

1. do this

* include object 1.a
* include object 1.b

* include object 2.a
* include object 2.b

2. then do that

3. if it fail, then to that

There are empty lines between the numbered items & there are bullet
items in between. Manual formatting is fine. When I force the bullet
list and number list feature of Zim the page is all mixed up on refresh.

I don't want to use verbatim text.

Thank you,

nomnex <nomnex@xxxxxxxxx>
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