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Re: Request for comments: usage of tags


Hi Jaap,

This is not an easy question.

On one side we have tags, defined as "non hierarchical categories".
You can associate any page with 1 or more tags.
On the other side we have keywords (to be indexed). Do we want to keep
these 2 "categorization items" separated?

I use tags as "contexts", so I would like to keep the "tag cloud"
quite short, easy to navigate. And I like to have tags at the
beginning or at the end of each article, because I can see at a glance
what the article is about, or where it belongs.

If you can think about a way of easily inserting tags/keywords as it
is now, I see no drawback in merging these two concepts. In fact, in
Joomla (the CMS), sometimes you use the "keyword" field to insert
"fake" tags, so apparently these two concepts are very similar and

It all depends on how you visualize the global index (tag cloud vs
alphabetical index).

Let's hear what others think about it.


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On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 11:51 AM, Jaap Karssenberg
<jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I was thinking a bit about why I don't really use tags myself. So I
> came up with the idea that I would want to use tags more like
> keywords. So instead of placing tags around a piece of text, I would
> want to highlight certain words as key words that need to be indexed.
> And I can do that with tags, the tag side pane behaves more or less as
> a keyword index in this respect. However what prohibits me from using
> this is the "@" prefix for tags.
> So now my question: would it break the use case for tags if I drop the
> "@" in the rendering ?  So we would still use the "@" in the wiki
> source, we would still use it for typing tags, but formatted tags are
> highlighted by color instead of the "@" prefix. Also in HTML export we
> would drop the "@". The result being that tags being in a sentence
> read more naturally.
> Any issues with this proposal I overlooked ?
> Thanks,
> Jaap
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