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Request for comments: usage of tags


Dear all,

I was thinking a bit about why I don't really use tags myself. So I
came up with the idea that I would want to use tags more like
keywords. So instead of placing tags around a piece of text, I would
want to highlight certain words as key words that need to be indexed.
And I can do that with tags, the tag side pane behaves more or less as
a keyword index in this respect. However what prohibits me from using
this is the "@" prefix for tags.

So now my question: would it break the use case for tags if I drop the
"@" in the rendering ?  So we would still use the "@" in the wiki
source, we would still use it for typing tags, but formatted tags are
highlighted by color instead of the "@" prefix. Also in HTML export we
would drop the "@". The result being that tags being in a sentence
read more naturally.

Any issues with this proposal I overlooked ?



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