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Zim feature requests.


I've got an idea for a couple features I think would be a little nice:

XML export.

I have a site that is static but locally stored in XML which is then
transformed based on the document type (root element namespace) to an
HTML page.  Instead of creating a template which creates the entire HTML
page layout (bit of duplication and any changes would require changes
both to my tranforms and the export templates), it would be nice if I
could just create a template to export to XML for my custom document

Syntax highlighting.

Support syntax highlighting in the page.  This can be built upon the
existing verbatim format.  The Pygments library could be used for
syntax highlighting. Establish syntax names as part of the wiki format
(if the syntax name changes in the library, it shouldn't break the
display in Zim, but instead Zim should keep the same name it uses and
map to the highlighter syntax name)

Any consecutive lines of verbatim text are treated as a code block.
The first line in the source file would have the syntax to use, perhaps
something like this:

'''def example():
'''    print('This is a syntax highlighting example')
'''def example2():
'''    print('This is another example')

Named anchors in pages.

The ability to link not just to a page, but to a certain location in
the page:


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